Product Development

Across the different companies the software products have become a defacto standard. With the coming of technologies like cloud and mobile phones and ever increasing complexity of integration we are slowly gearing up towards a more convergent world. Due to these and other needs organizations are willing to share the following feature sets:

  1. Agile development models The idea behind the agility is to be highly adaptive to the chaniging environment. By keeping the development low and creating software which supports many platforms we make ourselves more agile.
  2. Innovative software and hardware design Cloud is an all encompassing term today. With the ever growing demand for elasticity and more and more outsourcing of the core functionalities, companies are trying to retain their core competency while offloading the other functions to offline. We bring some expertise of ours in this area in helping you adapt to the cloud databases and SaaS.
  3. Design and develop with maintenance in view Maintenance as per our experience is one of the most expensive endeavors of the software development. In fact several researches have found that of all the phases of development, maintenance has been found to be costly. To overcome these and other difficulties that stem from the maintenance we at Derron emphasize on development which is more maintenance friendly. By encouraging practices like: Coding conventions TDD Unit testing Agile development Continuous integration

News & Events
We have started a Corporate office in New Jersey,USA.
Signed with an Australian client for BPO services.
We have started an ERP project for US client.
Completed project for an Australian client.
Immediate recruiting for Dotnet (ASP MVC) with 5+ experience, Andriod/IOS with 3+ experience.